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Respa Backcare Supreme Mattress


Respa Spinapaedic Backcare Mattress.

Respatech ortho spring system 13.5 gauge spring system offering meduim-firm support with edge to edge support frame included.

Extra cushioned supportive firm feel . Ideal for keeping spinal alignment and correct posture while you sleep.  3D airflow technology along with air vents makes this mattress highly breathable by maximizing air flow .

Turning is recommended for this mattress which is 29cm in height and finished in a plush knitted soft touch fabric for extra comfort.   

5 Year Warranty.

Medium - Firm Support.

3D Air Flow System .

29cm High.

The finest quality fillings are specially chosen and expertly blended to provide the perfect sleeping experience on all our mattresses. Choose from our Exclusive, Luxury & Value ranges to find your secret to slumber.

WARNING!   Beware of cheap quality mattresses in today's market.  Being in this industry we hear of the horror stories of some stores and on line stores selling recycled mattresses as new .  The only thing that is changed is the covering,and nothing else .  To the general public this is not visible until it is too late.   

Do not gamble with your health or your children's health when it comes to buying your bed and mattress .  We only sell the best available and we are confident that you will be happy with your purchase. 

If you have any questions prior to your purchase please do not hesitate to contact me or one of our staff and we will only be too happy to help .

Regards,  John.