Choosing The Right Dining Set

Choosing The Right Dining Set


We consider the Dining Room to be the heart of the home. The best dining set for you will be one that works for your budget, is solidly constructed, fits in your space and has a style you’ll love for years. There are some core factors you should consider when choosing a good one.

Know your measurements: We cannot stress that enough, you would be surprised the number of customers who come to us looking for a new dining set but not knowing their measurements, its merely impossible to choose a dining set if you don't know the space your working with! You not only need to know the table measurements but add the chair depth on either side. You’ll want three feet of breathing room on all sides — and more is better — to comfortably sit in a chair and move around the space,

Square or Round?: Square and rectangular tables are the most common, so you’ll find the greater number of choices there with styles, sizes and extendable options. But a round or oval table can give you a little more space to move around since it cuts off the corners but still has a good surface area. Round tables can be great for occasional use, conversation flows as there’s no head of the table, it's also easier to add in an additional chair or two. However, round tables are essentially bigger as they take up much more floor space, so bear this in mind when your searching for your next table. 

Fabric or Solid Seat: Another thing to consider when shopping for a table are the chairs to go with it. if you have a bustling young family with little fingers, the best option might not be the plush velvet chairs, but more so the solid seat as they're easy to clean and wipe down if anything spills let that be from a juice box or even a glass of wine! - there are options such as leather or leather air fabrics that still have that luxurious option but not at the cost of destroying a brand new dining set. 



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