Collection: 2 Piece Wallpaper Murals

Our stunning high definition wall murals will transform any room in your home, school, office, bar or restaurant. 
These 2 piece murals come with paste included.
Each Mural covers an area 232 cm X 158 cm.
If your wall is smaller just trim the excess with a sharp blade.
If the wall is bigger just centre the mural and you can either paint the area around the Mural with a contrasting colour or go one further and put a "frame" around it to create an image of a large painting or looking through a window.
Tips on hanging our Murals: 
 1) Get the centre of your chosen wall.
 2) Smoothing out any air bubbles and creases as you go.
3) Any excess paper can be trimmed with a sharp blade after 24 hours to leave you with a stunning image in your room.
*Please note it is important to get the first piece centred correctly as each piece will follow the same angle after this one*
Interior use only .