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Guide to choosing a mattress

Guide to choosing a mattress

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It's the small details that make a house a home. Create a unique style story in your own home by visiting our store in Cherry Orchard, Dublin. That features inspiring room pieces or simply browse our wide choice at your leisure online. Choose from luxurious sofas and armchairs in a wide variety of colours and sumptuous textures, experience our enticing bedroom furniture, see our sleek dining room sets and fall in love with our choice of home interiors accessories.

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Here at Luxury Interiors our goal is to help you achieve your dream home without breaking the bank. We have something for everyone from simple rustic oak pieces to our more plush button back velvet collections we know what to look for when bringing stock into our showroom with over 30 years experience in the furniture trade. We can help you get exactly what you need delivered straight to your home.

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