Collection: Italian Brown High Gloss Verona Collection

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The Verona design is a stunning collection made from 3.5cm thick high gloss wood with soft  close doors on all the units .
Each display cabinet has strip lighting on the shelves that shines through the glass to give it a unique look 
It has a combination of a chrome strip and legs to add a touch of class . 
The finish is what you would expect from the very Italian manufacturers.
We only buy from the very best to give you what you deserve for your hard earned money  . Each piece comes fully assembled and ready for use.
Available as flat pack for overseas shipping if required,ask staff for details.
Specifications .
Tops , Bases and side panels are made from 30 mm MDF Gloss finish coated using UV drying process .
Back panels are made from 8 mm MDF and strengthened by connecting to the thick sides of the 35 mm panels.
Glass Doors are made from 6mm tempered glass while the shelves are made from 8 mm tempered glass to allow the strip lighting at the back shine through.  Each door has a soft close hinge for a gentle action. 
Truly beautiful Italian craftsmanship at its best .