Luxury Interiors

Taylor Fabric Bed


Modern in style, the Taylor bed has a soft linen finish with button back detail surrounding both the headboard and foot board. The Taylor is easy to assemble and has sturdy grey balled feet. This bed also has metallic studded detail on both the headboard and foot board which truly captures one’s attention. In addition to this, there is excellent space underneath this bed for extra storage if necessary.

The Base is made of strong wood lengths with steel supports . 

Collection         Size          Height          Width          length         Colour         

Bed                    3FT          120cm           95.7cm         207cm       Grey               
Bed                    4FT          120cm           124cm          207cm       Grey               
Bed                    4FT6        120cm           144cm          207cm       Grey               
Bed                    5FT          120cm           159cm          207cm       Grey