Collection: Wall Paper Murals XL

Our stunning high definition wall murals will transform any room in your Home,School or Office. 
These 8 piece murals come with paste included.
While you paste the wall and not the paper it makes hanging so much easier.
Our 8 piece murals cover a maximum area of 366 cm X 253 cm .
Tips on hanging our Murals.
 Get the centre of your chosen wall. Lay out the eight pieces and select the centre parts of the image and apply to that area of the wall .
Working to the left and right smoothing out any air bubbles and creases as you go.
Any excess paper can be trimmed with a sharp blade after 24 hours to leave you with a stunning image in your room.
*Please note it is important to get the first piece centred correctly as each piece will follow the same angle after this one*
( Interior use only )