How To Style Mirrors In Your Home

How To Style Mirrors In Your Home


Mirrors... We love them. from modern chic pieces to more vintage rustic age old statements, mirrors not only transform your room but bring extra depth and expand any living space drawing light and atmosphere into the darkest corners of any room. So, how do you know which one is right for you? Well that's simple, think of where you need your mirror to fit, know your measurements & composition & take it from there. 

The Fire Place Statement: A statement mirror is a great way to create a sense of artistry on your wall. Designs supercharged with oversized proportions and personality serve as a focal point and are perfect for adding interest to transition areas of your home, such as hallways and corridors. We recommend choosing one of the following mirrors from our collection to achieve this look: 
Antique Mirror Champagne €229 
Ridges Round Mirror €149
Varina Wall Mirror Champagne €169 

The Window Box: A pair of generously sized walls mirrors are used to create a symmetrical display with an influence of a window appearance. The addition of two matching mirrors adds to this balanced beauty and gives the space a feng shui spirit. to achieve this look we recommend going with: 
Square Window Mirror €195

The Multi Tasker: The advantages of reflective surfaces aren’t necessarily always delivered by mirrors alone. If your wall is occupied with ornate wallpaper, wall lights or artwork, mirrored furniture is an alternative way to reap the benefits of mirrors, why not check out our dedicated "mirror furniture" collection. 

The Stand Alone: a leaner mirror is an exceptional addition to your home and help lengthen the distance of hallways or landing areas. 
Leaner Large Champagne Mirror €249 
Monica Mirror Cheval Antique €269
Bordeaux Leaner Mirror Antique Silver €219

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