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Taylor Bunk Bed

Taylor Bunk Bed

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Modern in style, the Taylor Convertible Fabric Bunk Bed is a prestigious bunk in all elements. The bunk is covered in a rich linen fabric that surrounds the entirety of the bed, capable of holding two 3ft Standard mattresses. The main function of this bunk is that it can be built either as two separate 3ft beds or a bunk which greatly adds to its efficiency and impressiveness.

The bunk is easy to assemble and has a sturdy wooden ladder and safety rail on the upper bunk to ensure safety standards are met. The rich headboard is designed with a button-back design which is beautifully crafted to add to its luxury appearance.

Additionally, the bunk has metallic studs across both headboards. These, coupled together with the sturdy balled feet greatly highlight the unique and impressive nature of this bunk. 

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