Edge Sculpture

Edge Sculpture Squirrel


This nimble and quick tree-dweller used to be common across the UK, but are now mainly found only in the Scottish Highlands - the result of competition from the now more numerous grey squirrel, introduced from North America in the 1800s. Instantly recognisable by their large bushy tails, squirrels often provide young children with their first encounter with wild mammals. They are very clever hunters and are known for being able to take nuts from even the best protected bird feeders. Matt Buckley's charming sculpture shows a red squirrel in a classic pose, bushy tail raised and holding a large nut. 

Medium: Cold cast marble resin, hand finished and painted.
Size: 30 cm high, 29.5 cm long, 14.0 cm deep (11.75 x 11.75 x 5.5 inches)