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Latex Firm Mattress Divan Set

Latex Firm Mattress Divan Set

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Latex Firm Mattress Divan Set features 2000 high-density pocket springs to minimise sleep disturbance and enhances lumbar support. Latex Firm Mattress Divan Set is ideal if you suffer from back, neck or joint pain. The firm support from the Latex Firm Mattress Divan Set ensures that your spine is aligned correctly throughout the night. It features natural wool, silk and latex and the mattress is breathable and helps to keep you cool.
The latex relieves pressure points and aids comfortable movement. Latex is a durable material which gives years of added comfort and brilliantly accommodates sleepers of differing weights. It is perfect for side sleepers and the mattress enjoys edge-to-edge reinforcement to minimise side edge sagging. The mattress is completed by a quilted finish to further enhance comfort. Foam encased spring system for extra side support and creates long life for your mattress.

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