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Respa Hibernate 3000 Mattress


Respa 3000 Respaform Pocket Springs with cool cell foam for health comfort & pressure relief, foam encapsulation for edge to edge support. Made with healthy sleep fresh technology with Actipro a natural probioitic to combat allergens means you can enjoy a fresh hygienic sleep , waking up refreshed .

This mattress comes with a mini pocket spring system on top of the 3000 regular size pocket springs system 

The Natural Latex layer has body temperature regulating properties so that you wont overheat on those warm nights.

Reflex foam is part of Respa Airflow technology used as it aids airflow through its open cell structure so you stay cool .

Because this mattress is wrapped in a foam border that gives you edge to edge support and this also help the longevity of your quality mattress.

Such is the confidence we have in our mattresses this comes with an amazing 6 year warranty so you have piece of mind when you purchase our products.

This is a rotate non turn mattress . 

Soft touch luxury fabric.

33 cm high .

6 year warranty .