Living Large in Small Spaces

Small spaces don't need to feel cramped. Here are our 4 space-creating tips to make any tiny space feel and look larger.

  1. Multi-functional furniture

Kill two birds with one stone by investing in furniture that serves as both seating and storage. Hidden storage spaces remove items from your space and keep them away from view, preventing them from cluttering your floors. These Crushed Velvet Trunks are a great addition to any room. Not only do they provide alternative seating, they can be used to store your belongings and act as statement pieces.

  1. Create an illusion

Use mirrors to create the illusion of space by placing floor to ceiling mirrors across from windows. Not only does this maximise light, it tricks the eye into thinking there are more windows in a space than they are. Large windows also raise ceilings expanding a room even more. The Paige Mirror is not only eye-catching but introduces more depth to a room by creating an additional faux-mirrored wall. 

  1. Wall Art Focal Point

Avoid overdressing your walls in a tiny space. Too much on the walls can make a room feel even smaller and claustrophobic. Instead, use one focal wall art piece as the primary wall decoration.  This 3D White Umbrella Scene wall art is a perfect compliment to a bare wall, the handcrafted detail also gives an added dimension to your wall.

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What are your space-saving tips? Leave a comment below and let us know how you live large in your tiny space.


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