4 Chic ways to beautify your vanity


  1. Fresh Flowers and Candles

Fresh flowers and fragrant candles instantly beautify your vanity. Choose your favourite scent and feel invigorated as you apply your makeup. The Tara Home Candle has a French Lavender scent that will give you a Spring/Summer feeling no matter the weather. Fresh flowers also bring the beauty of nature into a confined indoor space.

  1. Glass top

Protect your vanity from spills and stains by placing a glass sheet on the top. Not only does this ensure your vanity table lasts longer, it gives your tabletop a chic finish which is easy to clean in the event of spilt polish and powders.

  1. Focal point

Make your mirror the focal point of your vanity by using lamps and lights to draw attention. Combining mirrors with light also makes it easier to apply your make up with precision. This Hollywood Mirror is the best of both worlds, with a striking glass finish and 12 illuminating bulbs that do not heat up, making them safe for everyday use.

  1. Floating shelves

Save space by installing floating shelves on the wall to accommodate your belongings and better organize your makeup and tools. Freeing up space on your vanity avoids clutter and keeps the space open and inviting.

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